Calendar Lost Ark Fusion Material: Usefulness and Obtaining

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After reaching level 50 in The Lost Ark, one of your main activities will be to perform many activities in search of power. This power is, of course, related to the improvement of your Lost Ark equipment, which requires specific, very distinct components. At level 2, Yorn and Payton, one of the rarest components is the Caldarr Fusion Material.


Calendar Lost Ark Fusion Material: Usefulness and Obtaining



Caldarr Fusion Materials: Getting Started

Caldar's Fusion material is an essential component of Upgrading your Tier 2 gear. It allows you to upgrade your weapons and armor from level 600 to level 1100—excavations in Chase or Sin (or all three) and your Fortress.


First, you need to upgrade your Fortress to get the Artisan Workshop lvl. 2 from the Lab. It is very easily obtainable, as its only requirement is to open a total of 144 workable objects: you need to create things through your Stronghold's Workshop until the upgrade becomes available.


Once this first step is complete, you will need to reach item level 802 with at least one of your characters. You will automatically have access to Crafting Method: Caldarr Fusion material in your Lab again. Here are the components required for this search:


Manufacturing method: Caldarr Fusion material: 

  • 8x Iron
  • 8x Drink
  • 1152x Action Energy
  • 21x Gold


Once you've completed this research, all you have to do is run one of the three types of research (or all three) still in your Lab related to the profession you most want to use to obtain this rare component. Only Excavation, Chase, and Sin are available.

The way you grow Caldarr Fusion Materials will depend on the profession you have chosen through research done in advance in your Lab. The only common thread is that everything will occur in the Yorn and Peyton regions, essentially Tier 2 regions.



Farm Caldarr Fusion Materials with excavations 


To create Caldarr Fusion Materials from the excavation, you must obtain the following components. Each crafting process begins 30 materials:

  • 7x Kallar Relic
  • 28x rare relic
  • 56x ancient relic

The components required for this research can be obtained from most dig sites in Arcesia, except Caldari Relics, which requires you to research in Tier 2 regions, Yorn Regions, and Felton.

The most excellent area to farm Caldari Relics is, without a doubt, the Azure Windward Isle south of Roundel. You won't need to do anything special there, do a simple search as usual and hope to get Caldari Relics after each try.



Farm Caldar Fusion Materials Hunt

To create Caldarr Fusion Materials with Chase, you must obtain the following components. Each crafting process begins 30 materials:

  • 9x Calder Thick raw meat
  • 36x hardened leather
  • 72x Thick Raw Meat


Only Kaldar Thick Raw Meat should be very hard to find. Other components are passively found by skinning creatures found in any region of Arcesia. This rare component requires you to hunt in Tier 2 regions, the Yorn and Peyton zones.


The best place to farm the Caldari thick raw meat seems to be the Howling Swamp in the Peyton area. Small wild animals are usually found in the bushes and near the plants to be harvested: approach them and scare the animals to come out and chase them away.


It's important to note that rabbits don't drop Caldarr thick raw meat. If you find them, go your own way. It will save you some unnecessary waste of time!



Farm Caldarr Fusion Materials with Peach 

To create Caldarr Fusion Materials with Sin, you must obtain the following components. Each crafting process begins 30 materials:

  • 9x Caldari Sun Carp
  • 36x natural pearls
  • 72x Pisces


Natural Pearls and Pisces are obtained passively during Sin sessions and should not be a big problem to find. On the other hand, Caldarrian sun carps require you to fish in Tier 2 regions, Yorn and Peyton districts, or Tier 2 islands.


According to our research and our tests, this is a priori the Dream Island north of Roendel, which would be the most suitable for breeding this relatively rare fish. You will have to fish in the schools of fish found in the pools located on the island to find the maximum Caldari Sun Carp, hopefully.


Note, it says here that if you have the Lure Casting skill (requires level 10 in fishing), use it to the max: it dramatically increases your chances of getting this fish!


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