My Suggestion On Path Of Exile Improvements

Path Of Exile Date: May/05/18 14:28:20 Views: 273
I am an old player of PoE, I really like this game, but I think it still has many places that need to be improved. If you have anything to add, welcome to leave a message. I always think enough chaos orbs poe is very important.
1. Bestiary mechanics. 

From the nets to the crafting to the menagerie and everything in between. Enough has already been said about this, so I won't beat a stupid beast dead horse. I hope GGG takes this as a learning experience.
I hope future leagues find a way to award xp to players as well as (or instead of) items sometimes when we find a rare league mechanic. I just ran by the last 2 tigers I came across because they would have slowed me down - that's a pretty poorly implemented mechanic in my opinion.
2. Challenge level in maps. 
Players are incentivized to run easy maps, and currently, the challenge floor is too low and the ceiling too high. I feel that it's weird I could get such good xp in a t10 map. I ate a few hits in t12 and t13 maps that would have killed me in a t15, but those hits come so infrequently it puts me in a weird position where, because I know I can't be “on my A game” for so many maps, I simply elected to run maps that I had a very low chance to die in. The game would be more fun if it was quite a bit harder more frequently, and less Gotcha.
3. Abyss belts/jewels. 
I was pretty shocked when they announced they would keep these in the game, and lo and behold they have become ubiquitous. I dislike how these items are so strong that they render other items irrelevant. 
I wonder what the usage rates on Quartz and Silver flasks have fallen to, and a quick look through the SSFHC ladder leaderboards show basically everyone wearing a Stygian or a unique belt with few exceptions. 
Getting perma-onslaught and phasing is really easy on any character that kills monsters themself, which seems to go against the general design philosophy of making players choose which effects they get and needing to sacrifice something to gain them. Having them drop corrupted would have at least been a start.
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