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I decided while under the influence to attempt to make a puncture build "work". Back before the nerf to DoTs, puncture was actually useable as a skill; as it's downsides (as I will discuss) were more than made up for by the existence of double-dipping. In my travels, I realised just how neglected and down right bad this skill really is.

Puncture is an attack skill that applies a bleeding debuff to its targets. While bleeding, the target takes damage over time based on how much damage was dealt on the initial hit. The bleeding deals more damage while moving. Puncture works with bows, daggers, claws or swords.

Too low base damage

This is extremely important for bleed builds. Sunder's very high base damage scaling is the main reason why it is the go-to for any bleed gladiator. Having only 123% scaling is pitiful, and compared to bow skills with HIGHER base scaling like frenzy, and siege ballista , which has substantially higher base damage, it is never even a choice. 

The only "workable' puncture build I have found used siege ballista for single target, which is obscene considering puncture is literally the definition of a single target skill. The base damage scaling needs to be up round sunder's numbers if not higher, as it needs to be capable of applying properly damaging bleeds. This could also be remedied through an implicit %more bleeding damage multiplier on the skill itself, or in addition to a smaller base damage increase. This would be a good solution as it would stop people from just using it for phys conversion builds while also incentivizing a bleed focused play style.

No interesting secondary mechanics

This is probably symptomatic of its release early in PoE's development, but the skill is quite one dimensional. If the damage of the skill was improved, I really wouldn't care that much, but it's got really nothing going for it at the moment. It literally only applies bleeding. It also, despite being in the game since like 0.9, has no mtx to speak of, but I'd put that down to the fact it's literally an arrow and that's it

All in all, It seems like a bit of an oversight in the redesign of bleed that the skill which is by its very nature is pigeon-holed into scaling completely into bleed cannot do so in any real proper fashion. The only reason I made this post was with the announcement of bow skill reworks I was shocked (/s) to find no mention of puncture anywhere, meaning barring a complete DoT overhaul (again) puncture will continue to be dumpster tier for the next couple of years. I will reserve judgement until after 3.3 but I implore GGG to take at least a cursory look at the skill, even to apply the much maligned "number-into-box" buffs that I suggested. Just a remind, don't forget to from U4gm.com to poe currency purchase, which is the best choice for poe orbs services on the market!

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