Path of Exile Rivals PUBG And Fortnite

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One of the most elaborate jokes comes this year from the New Zealand developer Grinding Gear Games. The creators of Path of Exile have given their action role-playing game a relatively large "Battle Royale" mode that is even really playable. It requires the PC version of the game. Further information can be found on the game website.

Battle Royale is currently the hottest genre in the world of video games. It's not just shooters who are getting more and more likely to miss every one-to-one mode, but action role-playing games are also catching on.

The developers of Grinding Gear Games present, on time for the first of April, Path of Exile: Royale. And best of all, the mode actually works and can be played by anyone. All you have to do is launch your PC version of Path of Exile and it'll automatically suck the Battle Royale update.

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