Final Fantasy Launches Pokemon GO Style Geolocation App

Final Fantasy XIV Date: Apr/02/18 23:43:22 Views: 235

You can chase virtual enemies in real life and turn your smartphone into a sword for electronic fighting.

Wow! Imagine a version of Final Fantasy well in the Pokemon GO style, which uses the geolocation system of your cell phone to make you "hunt" in real life classic enemies of the Final Fantasy series. Then just press play and go through the parks using the cell phone as a weapon to fight enemies and monsters of the MMORPG.

The fantastic idea was announced by Square Enix and will be an app called Final Fantasy XIV Online GO, which opens the universe of Eorzea to the real world. It works like this: the app tells you when it has a Node for you to capture, then just approach it, tap it and capture it. Exciting, right?

"That's pure freedom!" Enthused Haimirich Fischer, vice president of innovation at Square-Enix. "We wanted to give this power to 10 million players without getting them stuck on the PC or the consoles. By creating this bridge between the real world and the virtual world, Final Fantasy XIV Online GO creates a unique social interaction among the members of our community."

The app will even allow you to turn your smartphone into a sword or a hammer, so that the clashes are more real. "This will make this experience more immersive in MMORPG history," said app designer Adalberta Gardner. For more FFXIV tips and tricks, stay tuned to FFXIV4GIL. You can choose where you can buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil cheap.

See the app in action and the possible bad consequences, such as breaking your smartphone:

Ah, just to say one more thing: Square Enix made this announcement in April 1st, so you can have a good laugh with this release video, but do not expect it to really happen...

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